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‘Four Angels Law’ – what you need to know about drink and drug driving offences in NSW

Receiving a drink and/or drug driving conviction these days can result in losing your driver’s licence and your job. This can have a significant impact on your loved ones who rely on your for these important aspects of life. Drivers in NSW who are caught with a combination of illegal drugs and alcohol in their system face harsh penalties under the new ‘Four Angels Law.’ The law honours Antony, Angelina and Sienna Abdallah, and Veronique Sakr who were killed by a drunk and drugged driver in a crash in Oatlands, Sydney, in 2020.

What are the penalties under the Four Angels Law?

The new combined offence includes:
⦁ Minimum licence disqualification periods starting at 12 months for mid-range and 18 months for a high-range first offences
⦁ Alcohol interlock periods to reduce the risk of repeat drink driving
⦁ Police able to impose vehicle sanctions for high range combined first offences, and all second and subsequent offences
⦁ Penalties for second and subsequent offences around double a first offence

What are the risks of drink and drug driving

Research shows drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash if they are under the influence of both alcohol and illegal drugs.

Looking for the best traffic solicitor in Sydney?

Are you seeking an affordable traffic lawyer in Sydney or need advice on a drink and drug driving offence? Benjamin & Robinson Lawyers have specialist accreditation status with the Law Society of New South Wales and are committed to providing the highest level of legal advice and service. Benjamin & Robinson Lawyers have decades of experience, thousands of trusted clients, 99.5% successful cases and 1099 case studies. They offer expertise across all traffic law matters and have a proven record of achieving excellent results for clients.

Have you been charged with a traffic offence?

Have you been charged with a traffic violation but believe the charges are without cause? Whether you’re fighting a speeding ticket, moving violation, parking violation, reckless driving accusations or drink and/or drug driving, the penalties for traffic infractions in NSW can be significant, especially if you’ve been convicted of a similar traffic law offence that remains on your record. Get a clear picture of your legal situation with an experienced traffic lawyer. When you meet with our professionals, please bring with you the Infringement Notice/Charge Sheet and your complete RTA Driving Record. This will save time and assist us in providing tailored advice for your situation.

How much does it cost to hire a traffic lawyer in Sydney?

It’s difficult to say with precision how much you can expect to spend for a traffic lawyer to represent you in a court of law. As every case is different and of varying complexity, the professionals at Benjamin & Robinson Lawyers price their services on a case-by-case basis. Considering the ramifications of a guilty verdict, it’s possible that you can’t afford not to hire a lawyer when your driving privileges are on the line – or your freedoms. 
With offices in South Hurstville and St George, the fees at Benjamin & Robinson Lawyers are affordable and competitive. For enquiries or a quote, contact us today on 02 9547 1733. You can also email us or request a consultation. Don’t leave anything to chance. Connect with our traffic lawyers today.

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